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Monetize & Grow

Supercharged earnings through our lightning-fast prebid wrapper and fine-tuned native ad server.

End-to-end management. We handle selling and trafficking ads while you focus on your business.

Multiple revenue streams across your websites, newsletters, and podcasts, all on one platform.

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Analyze & Optimize

Fast, privacy-friendly analytics. Seamlessly view crucial traffic statistics alongside revenue.

Actionable insights on website health and SEO through core web vitals and search console data.

Safeguard email deliverability. Resolve authentication snags and monitor domain usage.

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Live Visitor Data

Recently Added

Real-time user stats. Instantly get a pulse on recent traffic volume with live dashboard refreshing.

Most popular days. Learn which days of the week may benefit your new website content the most.

Bot activity. Know how much of your website's traffic is likely human versus automated bots.

Web Vitals by Geo preview

Web Vitals by Country

Recently Added

Interactive map. Quickly and efficiently sort countries by your website's scores for FCP, LCP, CLS, and INP.

Mobile vs Desktop. Narrow results further by comparing core web vitals between mobile and desktop users.

No more guessing. When a user in any country has trouble accessing your website, now you'll have data to compare.

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Search Console preview

Built-in Search Console

Launching Summer, 2024

Your data in one central place. No more jumping between tabs to compare your Search Console stats to your Analytics.

Better understand your search ranking. Monitor important metrics, including your average position and CTR over time.

Filter & Search. Easily drill down on keywords and pages that are driving the most traffic to your website.

Custom Events preview

Custom Events

Launching Summer, 2024

Monitor website interactions. Track specific user interactions on your website that are unique to your business needs.

Track just about anything. Form submissions, video plays, downloads, specific button clicks, or much more.

Simple setup. We're removing the complexity from creating powerful, custom event tracking.

Backlinks preview

Backlink SEO

Launching Summer, 2024

Monitor link growth. A data-driven approach to improving your search engine rankings.

Domain referral insights. Strategic insights showing exactly where your traffic is coming from.

Page by page. See your best performing webpages to make actionable decisions about content.

Link Manager preview

Custom Link Manager

Launching Summer, 2024

Short URLs. Create memorable short links to connect with your audience faster than ever.

QR code generator. Make custom QR codes with your brand logo that include your short link.

Detailed link analytics. See exactly how many times your custom short link has been opened.

Feedback Widget preview

Feedback Widget

Launching Summer, 2024

Detailed response history. Dashboard analytics show user happiness trends and a record of their feedback.

Multiple styles. Choose from preset widget positions and dark/light mode to best match your website.

Simple and to the point. No confusing interactions or additional heavy scripts to load, just turn it on.

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And so much more

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Lighting-fast Setup

As soon as you create a Fullres account and install the related code on your website, your analytics dashboard will display valuable insights. It's shockingly fast to get up and running in minutes.

GDPR Friendly

We strongly believes in visitor privacy and that's why Fullres does not include cookies, cross-site tracking, or other persistent identifiers. This means less worry for you and saying goodbye to Google Analytics.

No Cookie Banners

Clicking cookie banners or having to add them to your website is not the Internet we all hoped for. You don't need a cookie notice with Fullres because cookies are not used and visitor privacy is protected.

Custom Metadata

Want to see how many of your site's visitors are using ad blocker? Need to filter visitors by site plans? You can do that and so much more through the use of Fullres custom metadata.

Powerful Event Tracking

Events allow you to monitor specific user interactions on your website, such as button clicks and form submissions. It's a great way to better understand how users engage with your website.

Google Analytics Alternative

Between data concerns, needless complexity, and a messy migration to GA4, we set out to build a better alternative to Google Analytics. Fullres is simple to use, fast to load, and privacy-first.


Get started for free and only pay once you're hooked! Products with usage-based pricing will be charged at the end of the month, solely based on your usage.


  • Simple, fast setup
  • Core Web Vitals
  • GDPR friendly
  • Custom Events
  • Unlimited sites
  • Unbeatable pricing
Approx. Monthly Pageviews: 2.1M
$39.03 @ $0.025 per 1,000

Ad Serving

  • Create custom ad templates
  • Sell, serve, and manage campaigns
  • All-inclusive pricing (no add-ons)
  • Detailed reporting
  • Advanced targeting capabilities
  • Serve on-site, in-app, or email
Approx. Monthly Ad Requests: 1.9M
$35.68 @ $0.025 per 1,000
Estimated Monthly Cost
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