Draw Your Signature


What is the Signature Generator?
The Signature Generator is an online tool that allows you to create and customize your signature by drawing it on a digital canvas. You can then download the signature image for use in documents, emails, and other applications.
How do I use the Signature Generator?
To use the Signature Generator, simply draw your signature in the box above using your mouse or touchscreen device, and then click the download button to save the image.
What file formats are available for download?
The final signature result can be downloaded in PNG format.
Is the Signature Generator free to use?
Yes, the Signature Generator is completely free to use. You can create, customize, and download your signature without any cost.
Do I need to create an account to use the Signature Generator?
No, you do not need to create an account. The Signature Generator is completely free to use.
How can I ensure my signature looks authentic?
To make your signature look authentic, use a smooth and steady motion while drawing. You can also practice several times to get the perfect result. Using a stylus or trackpad may be easier than a mouse.
Can I edit my signature after drawing it?
Yes, you can edit your signature by clearing the canvas and drawing it again until you are satisfied with the result. The Signature Generator allows unlimited attempts.
Is my signature stored or shared?
No, your signature is not stored or shared. All drawings are processed locally on your device, ensuring your privacy and security.
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