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One of many headaches with Google Analytics is navigating all the legal hurdles with visitor data and not really knowing what Google does with that information.

Fullres is GDPR friendly without sacrificing data accuracy. There are no cookies, cross-site tracking, or other persistent identifiers.

For Creators, by Creators

We're builders ourselves and migrating our side projects to GA4 was an absolute mess. It was also impossible to reach anyone at Google Analytics for help.

We're proud to offer amazing customer support from real people, not another forum or chat bot.

Real-time Visitor Data

Recently Added

Fullres gives you an easy-to-understand dashboard without the needless complexity of Google Analytics.

Instantly see live visitor trends, discover which days your site is most popular, and identify how much of your traffic is bot related.

Web Vitals Built-in

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Core Web Vitals are a crucial part of SEO and a positive user experience. Wouldn't it be nice to see that data next to your Analytics? That's exactly what Fullres offers.

With an interactive map, quickly scan countries by your website's scores for FCP, LCP, CLS, and INP.

You can also compare between mobile and desktop scores.

Search Console Data

Launching Summer, 2024

Another hassle of Google Analytics and Search Console is your data is spread across two different dashboards, meaning more work for you to invite teammates and extra tabs cluttering your browser.

With Fullres, your data is in one central place, making it easier than ever to compare analytics with search insights.

Monetize & Grow

Launching Summer, 2024

Soon, you'll be able to monetize your content through our incredibly fast prebid wrapper and fine-tuned native ad server.

With end-to-end management, we handle selling and trafficking ads while you focus on your business.

Unlike Google AdSense or other solutions, Fullres will offer multiple revenue streams across your websites, newsletters, and podcasts, all on one platform.